Experienced and Reliable
Nola Capital Corporation works in all forms of financing and we are one of the
most highly respected sources of alternative capital and distressed capital in
the industry.   Our firm has years of experience working with a wide range of
clients around the world.  
What Makes Us Different
We are capable of sourcing alternative capital and distressed capital both
domestically and offshore.  We are also far more flexible in the way we
structure financing for our clients' projects than traditional sources of funding.  
We treat our clients with respect and our goal is to complete each funding in a
professional manner with a minimum cost to our clients in as short of time as is
Nola Capital Corporation
Areas of the World That We Serve
We fund projects for new clients only in the United States.  Please click here
to see the industries we serve.
The company you want on your side during tough times.
Helping Clients Since 1978
We have responded for 42 years to changing tax laws, new technologies,
revolutionary new sources of capital and dramatic moves in the world's
economy and financial developments.  One of our greatest strengths is we are
capable of quickly utilizing the industry's latest financing and recapitalization
revolutionary new sources of capital and dramatic movements in the world's
available for only weeks or months.  We are constantly adapting to help our
clients raise new capital, retire old debt and restructure their balance sheets.  
Change is constant in the world of finance and only the best firms are on the
cutting edge.
What We Do
Our firm works almost exclusively with a clientele of private clients, however, we have historically accepted 1-3 high
quality projects each year from new clients in the industries we serve.  If you are a principal and have a high quality
project that you feel deserves funding, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to review your project.