Nola Capital Corporation
Utilities Projects   

  • Sewage
  • Water
  • Solid Waste Disposal
  • Stormwater
We work with utilities projects in the U.S. that need long term debt funding at good rates.

Utilities districts often have difficulty when they are searching for the financing they need to initiate, develop and
operate solutions for serving their customers and surrounding communities.

Financially strong utilities districts and those with larger customer bases often have an edge when they are raising
capital.  But what about the small to medium sized utilities without a stellar credit rating that need to raise capital?
What about utilities projects that would benefit from a longer maturity date on their debt than bonds can offer?
What about utilities that are financially challenged but there is still a serious need for expanded and/or improved

We bring to the table solutions for utilities that have been struggling to find answers to these problems.  If
your utilities projects can show it has a sound business plan, quality engineering, a vision for the future and a
determination to improve service to your customers we want to talk to you.  

• An improved, faster process to raise the capital you need for your project.
• Reduce the complexity and time it takes to raise capital.
• Up to 40 years fixed rate financing.