Nola Capital Corporation
Mining / Energy

Mining Financing
Mining financing has changed dramatically over the past few years but mining capital is still available in substantial
quantities if a client has a good project and they are committed to completing the funding process.  A common
mistake many mine owners make is prejudging what is possible and not investigating all types of financing.  There
have been many mining projects financed from new sources of capital that did not even exist before 2016.

Types of Projects
We will consider all types of mining projects but most clients have the following types of ventures:
  •   Gold     
  •   Zinc      
  •   Silver
  •   Copper
  •   Frac Sand
  •   Cobalt
  •   Rare Earth

The Current State of Mine Financing
Many traditional traditional mining funders are, for all intents and purposes, out of the business right now.  Equity
capital is also harder to source but it can still be done if the project is exceptional.  We want good projects even in
these challenging times.  If you have a good project and are willing to follow the rules you can get funded.

Why We Are Unique
Unlike banks and many other traditional lenders,  we are involved in specialised areas of corporate finance that
lend themselves well to mining financing.  These specialized types of mining financing also have two advantages
over traditional funders  First, strong mining projects are being funded instead of shunted to the side “until things
improve”.  And second, the terms of the fundings are attractive at a time when other forms of funding are
demanding terms that would not be considered in normal times.

Alternative Capital Financing
The strength of the client's project is a major factor in determining if alternative capital financing is available.  The
funding is non-recourse and repayment is structured to meet the client's long term objectives.  
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for more information about alternative capital financing.

We completed our first energy financing in 1978 and over the past 42 years we have helped our clients during the
volatile and clients are faced with a problem raising enough capital.  

We are now a segment of the energy cycle where prices, costs and markets are hard to predict  It is our
opinion that fluctuating commodity prices, international tensions, unsteady inventories and high debt loads are
factors that will be with us for a while.  The wisest course of action now is to consider different financing methods
that are better suited for today's economic environment.  

If you are thinking of refinancing, divesting assets or acquiring energy assets we may be able to provide
financing for your transaction with terms far better than what you are currently expecting in today's challenging
times.  Show us your project and we will tell you what is possible.

Types of Projects
We consider projects in the following energy sectors:
  •   Oil and Natural Gas Exploration & Production
  •   Pipelines
  •  CNG
  •   Refining
  •   Shipping
  •   Oil Field Services

Alternative Capital Financing
In some situations, a new energy client may request funding in a program normally offered only to existing clients.
The strength of the client’s project and its management team are major factors in determining if this option is
available.  The funding  is non-recourse and in most situations repayment may be made before maturity.
Please click here for more information on alternative capital financing.